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Arms Of Nefertari Community Empowerment Organization is a 501c3 Nonprofit created by Kenneth Hicks and Caroline Stone who have dedicated their lives to bringing about change within the community of Inglewood and beyond.  Arms Of Nefertari Community Empowerment Organization’s main purpose is to help the human being by working endlessly to end homeless.   Our arms are open to everyone, one spirit, one people.  We recognize and understand that love can change lives.  We are working to improve the education of the Youth in our community of Inglewood first by improving homelessness through creating homeless shelters and building homes with the Family First Program.  Our goal is also to improve Cultural and Revitalization of the environment within our community.  We at Arms Of Nefertari Community Empowerment Organization believe that with caring and concern for others, we can change the world.


Kenneth and Caroline have helped develop programs and workshops that have altered the course of homelessness throughout the cities of Inglewood and Los Angeles.


Arms Of Nefertari has temporarily housed over 500 homeless individuals and families in our short history. We have also found permanent housing for over 200 individuals and families since this addition was added to our services in 2017.


Kenneth and Caroline have the absolute fortitude to fight for our community, bringing the best of what we have to offer together.

I run not for fame, but for the people of my community – my home.

– Karry Barker

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